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Development site surveys


Development site tree surveys from MJC Tree ServicesDevelopment site tree surveys are a specific requirement of the ‘1 App’ planning application form. A survey in accordance with British Standard 5837:2012 is used to produce a Tree Constraints Plan, the design layout tool that allows the architect or layout designer to successfully incorporate the high amenity value trees on and adjacent to the site into the proposed development. An Arboricultural Impact Assessment is then carried out that identifies the impact of the proposed development on the trees, the mitigation measures required to protect those trees, and the heads of terms for the Arboricultural Method Statement.

Mark Carter can carry out these surveys and produce Tree Constraints Plans, Arboricultural Impact Assessments, Tree Protection Plans and Arboricultural Method Statements, all based on AutoCAD plans that can be delivered electronically and are compatible with the plans used by other construction professionals. Click on the link below for an example of the standard of plan we produce. On site supervision of construction operations is another service offered that is being increasingly required by Local Authorities.

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The photograph right shows Mark Carter measuring stem diameter for a development site survey.

Click here to see examples of the site plans we produce as a PDF



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