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Tree Preservation Orders & Conservation Areas - Applications & Appeals


Local Planning Authorities (LPA) have the power to make and administer Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) on all trees, including those in private ownership. These Orders are intended to preserve the public amenity benefits of trees, but they are not intended to preserve the tree in ‘aspic’.

Mark Carter can advise on the TPO application process and can make the applications on your behalf. He also has a high success rate at appeal if the LPA refuse to grant permission for the works applied for. This whole process may seem complex and daunting but Mark Carter is experienced at advising on these matters and completing all parts of the process on your behalf.

When new TPO’s are made, the legislation allows objections to be made to the TPO, and again, Mark Carter can advise and deal with this process on your behalf.

Conservation Areas also provide protection to trees, but operate in a fundamentally different way. Mark Carter can advise on the operation of this legislation.

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