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Insurance companies are increasingly aware of the potential subsidence risk posed to low rise buildings by trees and will often request an assessment of this risk before deciding whether to insure the building. This crops up most frequently when a house is being purchased and a mortgage request is being considered after a building surveyor has raised a concern over the proximity of a tree.

Mark Carter has received specific and formal training in this area and can produce a rapid preliminary report that will identify the presence of a tree related subsidence risk to a building.

  Home buyers and mortgage tree reports from MJC Tree Services
Trees near buildings can
cause concern to insurance
companies and mortgage providers

This report will invariably answer the questions posed by the insurance company. However, there is no method available of quantifying this risk if it is identified, and if the tree / building / soil inter-relationship is too complex to assess in a preliminary report then a more in-depth investigation will be recommended.

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