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Tree work specification

Tree work specification from MJC Tree Services
Crown thinning and crown
clearing work on Oak

Many people believe they should be doing something to manage their trees but are often unsure what is needed and how it should be done. Many contractors are prepared to offer verbal advice to a potential client and often this advice is sound, but can you be sure that the contractor is not being tempted to recommend unnecessary works in order to generate business?

Mark Carter provides straight forward and competent advice on works required and he has no contracting operation that would benefit from unnecessary work; if the tree requires no work, Mark will say so.

Inspection of the finished job and signing off to ensure that works have been carried out fully, correctly and, where applicable, in accordance with British Standard 3998: 2010 ’Treework - Recommendations’ is another service provided.

Tree Preservation Orders and similar regulations/legislation are potentially a source of concern to tree owners, unsure of what they should be asking or how to ask for it. Mark Carter can make the formal planning application or issue the relevant notices of intent for works on protected trees and often carries out this function in conjunction with a Tree Work Specification visit.

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