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Safety tree surveys and inspections


Mark Carter advises at both strategic and practical levels, from drawing up tree safety policies and strategies for large private estates, right through to carrying out tree surveys and individual tree inspections. In this way our clients can be confident that they are discharging their statute duty of care with regard to trees as defined in the Occupiers Liability Acts of 1957 and 1984.

From preliminary walkover surveys to detailed internal inspections and decay mapping using a Digital Micro Probe (DMP) manufactured by Sibert Technology Ltd, with risk assessments carried out using the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment system, we carry out the full range of tree survey or inspection that could possibly be required.

The Quantified Tree Risk Assessment is the UK’s leading methodology for carrying out tree risk assessments and it allows the risk management process to be driven by the value and occupancy of the target within falling distance of the tree, not just by the defects in the tree. This in turn allows resources for survey and tree works to be targeted, in a legally defendable manner, to the highest risk areas, an important consideration for financial managers.


Safety tree surveys and tree inspections from MJC Tree Services
DMP in action, feeding data into
the adjacent laptop computer



Qualiified Tree Risk Assessment

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