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Veteran trees


Ancient trees provide habitat for a huge array of other organisms and the UK is fortunate to have the highest population density of these trees in Europe. The special features of ancient trees which make them unique as wildlife habitat are the exceptionally species-rich communities associated with them. But despite their great age, these crucially important trees are sensitive to change and are under constant threat from many sources such as agriculture, development, vandalism and neglect. The National Planning Policy Framework afford the highest level of protection to Veteran Trees and Ancient Woodlands so it is vital that developers use consultants such as Mark Carter who understand the complex requirements of these very special features whilst appreciating the development pressures around them.

To survive these threats, careful and long term management is required that incorporates an holistic approach to the entire ecosystem in and around the tree as well as the tree itself.

Mark Carter advises on the management of such trees not only from the practical standpoint but also the legal position regarding the many protected species these trees support.


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